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  • Outbound sales and marketing

  • Customer retention and up-sells

  • New customer acquisitions

  • 3rd party transaction validation

  • Customer services

  • 3rd party automated quality assurance and agent scoring

  • Speech, Text and Desktop Analytics

  • Speech-to-Text and Transcription

  • Order processing and provisioning

  • Lead and appointment generation


Contact Center Business Process Outsourcing 


AstraServ delivers BPO services with a track record of success, and as an integral part of our client’s business.  Our clients maintain control over the outsourced programs while eliminating the labor costs, operational obligations and the related liabilities.


Affordable Inbound, Outbound, and Blended Programs


We offer a set of affordable and flexible inbound/outbound/blended programs in contact center quality assurance, sales, marketing, customer service, customer retention, customer transaction and back office management, including order processing, Quality Assurance (QA) analysis and reporting, and compliance management.

Our contact center services provide differentiating benefits by offering flexibility, affordable prices, scalable programs, compliance, and a broad range of capabilities in technology workforce development, and contact center management.

AstraServ outsourcing services are delivered consistently with the highest level of quality and success.


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