• Outbound sales and marketing

  • Customer retention and up-sells

  • New customer acquisitions

  • 3rd party transaction validation

  • Customer services

  • 3rd party automated quality assurance and agent scoring

  • Speech, Text and Desktop Analytics

  • Speech-to-Text and Transcription

  • Order processing and provisioning

  • Lead and appointment generation

Our contact center services provide differentiating benefits by offering flexibility, affordable prices, scalable programs, compliance, and a broad range of capabilities in technology workforce development, and contact center management.

AstraServ outsourcing services are delivered consistently with the highest level of quality

and success.




AstraServ, originally founded in 2000 and later renamed AstraServ, has been providing quality and award-winning Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services to major companies such as ATT, Verizon, CenturyLink, Time Warner (now Spectrum), Qwest, Frontier, ABS, Dish Network and others. The Company has been consecutively ranked No. 1 or 2 by its clients due to the quality and the benefits it delivered.
AstraServ is located in Oklahoma.  Since its inception, AstraServ has successfully delivered compliant and successful outsourcing program to its clients.
Major differentiating factors setting AstraServ apart from other outsourcing service providers are related to the use of advanced software technologies in contact center workforce optimization and automation, client and regulatory compliance management, workforce development and management, and its highly productive and result-oriented performance.
Achieving loyalty of our customers and clients is not a goal for AstraServ. It is an ongoing journey with a continuous and relentless effort to achieve excellence in every interaction with our customers and clients.
AstraServ’s culture, continuously mentored, role modeled, driven and practiced within the company, is centered on developing a strong, company-wide Principle Oriented Value System.



ADDRESS: 1255 W 15th St  Plano, TX 75075

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