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We're a Lumen Channel Partner

As a certified Lumen Channel Partner, we can assist in the renewal and upgrade of your Lumen services to ensure your business operates with advanced solutions at a great price.

Lumen® Cloud Communications Specialty Lines Service

All-inclusive replacement for POTS lines


Lumen SASE® with Fortinet®

Enterprise-grade security and SD-WAN

Using Keycard
Cloud Commincations

Lumen® Cloud Communications Specialty Lines Service

Upgrade phone lines for alarms, elevators and other safety systems with an all-inclusive replacement system for current POTS lines.

Lumen Cloud Communications Specialty Lines service eases the transition from traditional POTS lines to a fully-managed digital solution for your life and safety systems.

CPE equipment and installation is included, with backup cellular connectivity for "always on" visibility.

As POTS become obsolete and the costs increase, it's time to switch to cloud communications for your security and life-safety systems.



Single system technology streamlines infrastructure needs and helps ensure alerts and alarms are captured and reported. Failover systems with backup connectivity built in via multiple providers helps provide the system with “always on” visibility.

Fully Managed Solution


24X7 managed and monitored POTS replacement helps ensure critical systems are functioning, to prevent catastrophic damage and downtime. Turn-key installation with all hardware, software, service and support from a trusted provider included.

Cost Savings


Carriers are raising prices in response to the FCC Order that deregulated POTS lines. As this aging infrastructure reaches end of life, the transition to a cloud-based offer creates immediate savings and eliminates costly future spend on upgrades.

Streamline and Save with LCC Specialty Lines

Migrating to LCC Specialty Lines for your legacy systems and devices could save you approximately 59% per year.* 

* Savings are based on a company with 10 locations with 8 specialty lines per location and a 5 year term, compared with POTS lines priced at $60/line/month.

Why are POTS Lines are Phasing Out?

Wondering why landlines are phasing out and why the costs for POTS lines are increasing?
Read our brief article and find out!
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