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We're a Brightspeed Channel Partner

As a certified Brightspeed Channel Partner, we can assist in the renewal and upgrade of your Brightspeed Dedicated Internet services to ensure your business operates with advanced internet at a great price.

Brightspeed Dedicated Internet Access

Fast, secure, and reliable Dedicated Internet Access that grows with your business.


A fast, consistent connection even during peak usage

Brightspeed reliably delivers applications and data using our high-performing and secure network for your business needs. With Brightspeed’s DIA, we have the ability to work with you to proactively adapt to the changing needs of your business, quickly.
Standard Features & Specs

Take advantage of these Brightspeed Dedicated Internet Access features:

  • Private and secure internet access connection

  • Guaranteed speeds

  • Dedicated bandwidth

  • Flexible billing options

  • Static IP addresses always available

Benefits of Dedicated Internet Access



Speeds that scale with the needs of your business. Choose from three different speeds and price points that best fit your needs, your business size, and your budget.



An internet connection you can count on. Guaranteed bandwidth with high-quality upload and download speeds.



Highly secure with 24/7 customer support for service and security threat issues. Brightspeed offers the speeds, bandwidth, and service you need so you can focus on growing your business instead of troubleshooting internet access issues.

Choose speeds that best fit your business needs

10Mbps - 100Mbps

For businesses with 20-50 employees
Ideal for businesses that require point-of-sale, video applications, and Wi-Fi connectivity



For businesses with 50-100 employees
Ideal for sending and receiving large files, online collaboration, video conferencing, or streaming



For businesses with 100+ employees
Ideal for mission critical applications, e-commerce hosting, large file transfers, high-definition video, and web-conferencing

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